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Zoom Dr Hydrate Black Series Water Bottle
Zoom Dr Hydrate Black Series Water Bottle

Dr Hydrate Black Series Water Bottle



The Black Series Water Bottle here to keep your Dr. Hydrate cold while you’re on the go. Take it with you to the gym, to work, keep it in the car and everywhere in between. 


  • Vacuum insulated 
  • 100% leak-proof 
  • Keeps your drink cold for 24 hours 
  • 650mL 
  • Stainless Steel without the metallic taste

A limited edition Dr. Hydrate stainless steel 650ml reusable bottle. It keeps your Dr. Hydrate cool and tasting delicious - no metallic flavours. 

Featuring a straw lid that can be shut for a leak-free design so it won't spill while you're on the go. 

Take it with you in your gym bag or in the car to stay hydrated.

Dr Hydrate Black Series Water Bottle


Key Ingredients:

Electrolytes 593mg

Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium & calcium increase fluid retention and help with muscle contraction while you move.

Glutamine 1425mg

An amino acid that creates proteins in the body to prevent muscle breakdown and aid in recovery.

L-Carnitine 375mg

As a fat burner, it plays a key role in energy production by boosting the metabolism, help turning fat into energy, as well as being vital for heart & brain function.

Calcium 20% RDI

Vital for bone maintenance and proper functioning of the neuromuscular and cardiac function, helping build and maintain strong bones.

Magnesium 20% RDI

Crucial for proper muscular contractions and cramp prevention, as well as for transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Selenium 26% RDI

A vital part of enzymes and proteins that create DNA. It can help with improving cognition, immune system function and fertility.

Zinc 20% RDI

Boosts the immune system, healing and protein creation. The body has no zinc storage system so a daily dose is essential.

B Vitamin Complex 20% RDI

To help the production of energy while promoting cell health, brain function, digestion, nerve function and cardiovascular health.


Probiotics promote proper intestinal digestion and boosts gut health.

72 Sea Minerals

Aquamin is found in seaweed from the North Atlantic seabed and contains 72 trace marine minerals. These can boost muscle strength & performance, assist with gut & bone health, enhance memory functions and improve energy & stamina.


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