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Our Athletes

Dr. Hydrate was developed with the help of some of the country’s top athletes. They need constant hydration that is going to power their workouts and busy lives. 

Tried and tested by the best. Let us introduce you to them.

Caine Eckstein

Professional Ironman & Pull-Up World Record Holder

"To achieve my goal as the world record holder for pull ups I needed something truly special.  I was running 20km a day to stay lean and completing at least 1500 pull ups everyday in training for my record.  Not only did I need all the ingredients for energy, power and muscle recovery but I  also needed to stay lean and therefore required a drink without sugar and added L-Carnitine.  I truly believe Dr Hydrate is the world’s best hydration drink."


Cody Simpson

Professional Swimmer

"Dr. Hydrate is helping with everyday training and preparation for the Olympic trials next year. It's packed with all the essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals I need with no added sugar. This allows me to keep amazing energy levels throughout the day while maintaining and maximising my power to weight ratio.”


Olivia May

Beach Sprinter

"Before trying Dr. Hydrate I was so sick of all the sugary sports drinks on the market, but now I’m getting all the goodness of electrolytes, vitamins & minerals without any of the sugars to go with it!"


Mariafe Artacho del Solar

2 x Olympic Silver Medallist and Australian Beach Volleyball Player

"Hydration is super important for me since I spend so many hours training and competing out in the sun. Dr. Hydrate plays a massive role in my training as it makes sure I stay hydrated, keep getting my electrolytes, vitamins and minerals and helps me perform at my best. Plus it tastes amazing which is always a plus!”


Brianna Throssell

Dual Olympian & Gold Medalist

"Hydration is key to everything I do. It helps me during intense training session in the pool or gym, as well as recovering in the sauna. With Dr. Hydrate there’s finally a drink that tastes great but still has all the necessary electrolytes, vitamins & minerals to keep me feeling great, no matter what."


Courtney Hancock

Ironwoman Champion

"As an active person, I use Dr. Hydrate every day to get a hydration kick that not only tastes great but also provides all the essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. I've tried thousands of hydration drinks on the market, and there isn't any that provides everything my body needs to live an active lifestyle within one drink!"


Curtis Taylor

North Melbourne AFL Player

"Dr. Hydrate truly is the all-in-one drink. Before having it as part of my everyday routine I was using multiple supplements, hydration drinks & gels and tablets to get my appropriate levels of vitamins, minerals & electrolytes. Now I’m getting it all (and more) in one drink!"






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